Ismaili and Fatimid Studies in Honor of Paul E. Walker

Edited by Bruce D. Craig



Hidden Imams and Mahdis in Ismaili History by Farhad Daftary

Kawn al-'Alam: The cosmogony of the Isma'ili da'i Muhammad b. Ahmad al-Nasafi by Wilferd Madelung

Maqriziana XII. Evaluating the Sources for the Fatimid Period: Ibn al-Ma'mun al-Bata'ihi’s History and Its Use by al-Maqrizi (with a Critical Edition of His Résumé for the Years 501–515 A.H.) by Frédéric Bauden

Sources for al-Qadi al-Nu'man’s Works and Their Authenticity by Ismail K. Poonawala

Was Nasir-e Husraw a Great Poet and Only a Minor Philosopher? Some Critical Reflections on his Doctrine of the Soul by Daniel De Smet

A Shi'i-Mu'tazili Poem of al-Sahib b. 'Abbad (d. 385/995) by Maurice A. Pomerantz

An Illustration of the Caliph al-Hakim together with his Astronomer/Astrologer Ibn Yunus by David A. King

The Almohads and the Fatimids by Maribel Fierro

Church Building, Repair, and Destruction in Fatimid Egypt by Marlis J. Saleh

Urban Violence at Baghdad in the Rivalry between the Abbasid and Fatimid Caliphates by Abbas Hamdani

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